Pusat Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru




Faculty StudyPrograms





Medical Basic Medical Sciences A - view
Medical Reproduce Health Sciences A - view
Medical Tropical Medical Sciences  A - view
Medical Sport Medical Sciences A - view
Dentistry Dental Health Sciences B - view 
Law Law A - view
Law Notary B - view
Economic and Bussiness Accounting A - -
Economic and Bussiness Economics Sciences  A - view
Economic and Bussiness Master of Management A ABEST21 view
Economic and Bussiness Management Sciences  A - view
Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy B - view 
Pharmacy Pharmacy A - view
Veterinary Agribusiness and Veterinary A - view
Veterinary Reproductive Biology Sciences A - view
Veterinary Disease and Veterinary Public Health Sciences  A - view
Veterinary Vaccinology and Immonotherapeutic A - view
Political and Social Sciences International Relations Science  B - view
Political and Social Sciences Political Science B - view 
Political and Social Sciences Public Policy A - view 
Political and Social Sciences Media and Communication A - view 
Political and Social Sciences Sociology A - view
Science and Technology Biology A - view
Science and Technology Chemistry A - view
Public Health Administration and Health Policy A - view
Public Health Epidemiology A - view 
Public Health Occupation Health and Safety A - view
Public Health Environmental Health A - view
Public Health Public Health Sciences A - view
Humanities Literary and Culture B - view
Humanities Linguistics B - view
Psychology Psychology Sciences A - view
Psychology Professional Psychology A - view 
Psychology Applied Psychology B - view
Nursing Nursing A - view
Postgraduate School Fishery and Marine Biotechnology B - view
Postgraduate School Forensic Sciences B - view
Postgraduate School Imunology B - view 
Postgraduate School Police Science Study B - view
Postgraduate School Disaster Management B - view
Postgraduate School Human Resources Development A - view
Postgraduate School Islamic Economics Sciences A - view 
Postgraduate School Law and Development Sciences A - view
Postgraduate School Technobiomedics B - view



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